Movie Review : Bridget Jones’s Baby


15 years ago we met and fell in love with Bridget Jones (Zellweger), a thirty-something, single girl juggling career, friends and love in London. We cheered as she made some smart decisions in life, we cried as she screwed things up again and we laughed as she strutted through life in her silly little tops, determined to be who she wanted to be.

Bridget Jones was an every woman. Bridge was one of us.

Well now Bridget is back….. but is she still one of us?

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Movie Review – Independence Day: Resurgence


I am a huge fan of the original. Huge! I watch it more often than I care to admit, thanks to it’s almost constant availability on Foxtel, so I was keen for this new movie’s release.

As a side note, if you want to know what has happened to this fictional Earth during the previous 20 years, jump over to The War of 1996 website. It’s a nice bonus and fills in some gaps from the movie.

So anyway, the world is preparing to celebrate 20 years of unity and togetherness when the unthinkable happens and the alien ships start moving into our atmosphere. These ships are 3000 miles wide (I think I recall that correctly) and have their own gravitational pull which is not good. 20 years on and they are back. But this time they have bigger spacecraft, bigger guns and badder aliens.

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Movie Review : Finding Dory 3D


It has been 13 long years for many but the wait is finally over and our favourite forgetful little blue fish is back on the big screens.

The movie opens with a brief retelling of how Dory came to be separated from her parents and living on the reef with Nemo and Marlin. It then picks up one year after they all returned safely back home.

Dory is happily living on the reef with her new family when she remembers something about her parents. After initial reluctance from Marlin (no surprises there), he agrees to help Dory cross the ocean to find them.

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Movie Review : Me Before You


Adapted from the best-selling novel, 26-year-old Louisa (Clarke) finds herself unemployed and willing to give anything a go as her family rely on her financial support. By the time she interviews as a care-taker for the paralysed (Claflin), she is desperate for the job and the money.

Lou is bright, bubbly and very chatty. Will is none of these things. When she shows up for her first day of work, things don’t go too well and as her position has no real job description, it’s anyone’s guess what will happen.

Okay it’s a rom-com so we know what’s going to happen but it’s all about the journey, isn’t it.

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Movie Review – Warcraft : The Beginning


Having not a single clue about Warcraft, other than it is a phenomenally popular online game, I walked into the movie theatre with no expectations whatsoever. All I knew was that the guy who plays Ragnar Lothbrok was in this movie and that the Director is David Bowie’s son.

In hindsight, perhaps I should have done just a smidgen of research, then I wouldn’t have been so over-whelmed by what I was viewing.

The movie itself centres around the invasion of a horde of orc warriors, fleeing their dying home, into the peaceful realm of Azeroth. The kingdoms of Azeroth must work together to ward off the great orc horde but the orcs have internal issues of their own.

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Movie Review : The Conjuring 2


Almost 3 years ago we met Paranormal Investigators Lorraine and Ed Warren (Farmiga and Wilson) in the first movie of the franchise (you can read my review here). Now they are back to investigate one of the most controversial and well documented paranormal hauntings ever, The Enfield Poltergeist.

Single mum Peggy (O’Connor) calls the local police one night to report strange happenings in her home. The furniture in the room of her daughters, 11-year-old Janet (Wolfe) and 13-year-old Margaret(Esposito) is moving on its own. An hour later, the police flee the home themselves telling Peggy they cannot help her.

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Movie Review : Hunt for the Wilderpeople


Ricky Baker (Dennison) is a foster kid nobody wants so is sent to live in the wilds of New Zealand with ‘Aunty’ Bella (Te Wiata) and ‘Uncle’ Hector (Neill).  When he is handed over by the hard-nosed Child Welfare worker Paula (Hall), we are given a brief rundown of Ricky’s delinquent past. We can all see this so-called bad egg is just a bored kid looking for someone to love him and Bella is looking for a kid to love. Poor Hector is just a cranky old man who simply seems to endure the situation.

When tragedy strikes, Hector decides he wants to go bush for a while. With nowhere else to go, Ricky is not far behind. Suddenly, wires get crossed and the pair are the subject of a nationwide manhunt.

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Movie Review : Money Monster


Ever wondered what happens to those hundreds of millions of dollars that are wiped away when a company crashes on the stock market?


Well so does Kyle Budwell (O’Connell) who has just lost $60 000 in a ‘safe as houses’ investment that went bad.

Encouraged to invest his life savings by a smug, almost evangelical TV host Lee Gates (Clooney), whose weekly show is a mixture of so-called sound financial advice, quirky sound bytes, tacky, shiny costumes and a pair of dancing-girls, Kyle storms the studio and holds Gates and the production team hostage.

He has lost everything and wants answers, not just for himself but for everyone who watches Gates and follows his advice. So all this drama is being played out on live television.

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Movie Review : The Nice Guys


Its 1977 Los Angeles.

Now, when a movie opens late at night with a kid sneaking off with dad’s porn mag, then moments later a car driven by a well-known porn star careens through his house and lands in the backyard…. well you know you’re about to watch something pretty special.

Enter Jackson Healy (Crowe), a Private Investigator who is basically a thug for hire and specialises in ensuring dirty old men stay away from pretty young girls. Then there is Holland March (Gosling), an alcoholic Private Investigator who seems to just stumble from one disaster to another and (kind of) rips off old ladies.

When March is hired to find a missing girl, Amelia (Qualley) and Healy is hired to stop him, their world’s collide and hilarity ensues.

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Movie Review : Alice Through the Looking Glass


The movie opens with Alice (Wasikowska) trying to outrun pirate ships with all the confidence and courage of a seasoned sea-captain. Indeed, Alice has been captaining her father’s ship The Wonder all over the world, even venturing along the Yangtze in China but this last attack sees her ready for home and so it is to home the ship is now bound.

Once she arrives home, she discovers all is not well and as she searches for a solution, Alice stumble upon a looking-glass that is most peculiar and you guessed it….steps through the looking-glass.

Back in Wonderland, she finds all is not well with her old friend Hatter (Depp) also suffering greatly over the loss of his family. Can Alice save Hatter …… and perhaps her mother too?

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