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Happy New Year 2014

New Year's Eve 2014 fireworks Sydney

New Year’s Eve 2014 fireworks Sydney

Wishing you a wonderful healthy and happy 2014

Love Flick xx


Copyright and Plagiarism ….


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My Copyright and Disclaimer here ….


So I am angry right now. I have been angry all day. Not shouting angry but the other anger.

You all know the one….

*taking a deep, cleansing breath*

It seems I have to address copyright and plagiarism.

For my itty bitty blog. Who would have thunk it? *dramatic sigh*

So let me clarify …..

All the reviews and posts on this blog are my own work, unless expressly indicated otherwise. I always give full credit to either the author or the original source for anything I post that is not my own. This includes links back to that original source. It is considered the ethical thing to do.

You….yes you…… can NOT use my work without my permission. I don’t care what you think or what you think I said or what you wish you think I said…I do not care. You cannot use my reviews without asking for my permission first.

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