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Elizabeth Grace Soy Candles

11111 elizabeth grace candles

About 6 weeks ago this gorgeous package arrived on my desk…. a Vanilla and Lemongrass candle and some French Pear melts. The bag itself made my home smell amazing. YUUMMMMMM ……..

A friend of mine has taken her love of quality candles and decided to turn into a business. YAY! She has been making her own soy candles for some time because store-bought paraffin candles give her a headache and she was unhappy with her only choices being inferior mass-produced ‘cheap’ candles or overpriced ‘quality’ candles.

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Blogger Blackout…

blogger blackout

Write Here is participating in a blogger blackout until Monday October 27. This is in response to an author stalking a book blogger who gave her a negative review. As a blogger, this is unacceptable!

You can find lots of info, from the original post to the media responses here (thanks to Kat at Book Thingo for posting everything in one place)

I feel it’s very important for bloggers to stand together now because what this woman did…and bragged about……is really, really scary.

Flick x

We mere mortals will never dance like this ……

'Britain's Got Talent' TV show, semi-final 3, London, Britain - 28 May 2014

So I saw this on my Facebook feed and had to share…….absolutely amazing!

According to his You Tube channel, Yannis Marshall Choreography ……

Don’t you just love a Beyonce medley?!!! Yes.. I just can’t stop choreographing to her music!!! This was our last rehearsal for the Final live show of Britain’s Got Talent with the Boys Arnaud Boursain & Mehdi Mamine. We where lucky to have gone all the way through the Final of the show! And we had so much fun performing every time! 


Fassbender, Jackman & McAvoy perform Blurred Lines dance routine on Graham Norton

Because YES ……..


And its funny too 😛

Love Flick xx


Fassbender, Jackman & McAvoy perform Blurred Lines dance routine on Graham Norton

Because YES ……..


And its funny too 😛

Love Flick xx


Horror stories that are only 2 sentences long ….

Dont watch before bedtime….the music is scary enough.

You have been warned 😉


Little Boy reacts (badly) to finding out he has a new sister on the way ……

Poor Gunner….. apparently all he wants is a baby brother.

He already has 2 younger sisters and the news that he has yet another sister on the way….. well its simply too much for one small boy to handle.


Magic for Dogs ….

Watch how some dogs react to the most basic of magic tricks…..the sleight of hand disappearing doggie treat.

Love Flick xx

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