Cuteness Overload by Cute Kids doing Cute Stuff



This is really cute….a couple of cute toddlers being cute. The little boy just wants a cuddle but the little girl is having none of it. No doubt, we have some laughing & chuckling parents or grown ups standing nearby egging the youngsters on to keep upping their cuteness ante.

Let’s fast forward 20 years and what do we have?

Scenario One: The cute toddler boy is now a sleazy drunk at a bar/nightclub/friend’s BBQ who will bother and pester every female under 60 until he passes out or is knocked out by an angry boyfriend or husband.

Scenario Two: The cute toddler boy is that annoying bloke at work who breathes down your neck in the elevator or stands just a little too close to you when you speak ( hello!! personal space is called personal for a reason! )

Scenario Three: The cute toddler girl is laying prone in some shrinks office trying to figure out why she has intimacy issues.

Scenario Four: The cute toddlers are now happily married and ‘are currently in talks with You Tube‘ to discuss future channel earnings.


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