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About 6 weeks ago this gorgeous package arrived on my desk…. a Vanilla and Lemongrass candle and some French Pear melts. The bag itself made my home smell amazing. YUUMMMMMM ……..

A friend of mine has taken her love of quality candles and decided to turn into a business. YAY! She has been making her own soy candles for some time because store-bought paraffin candles give her a headache and she was unhappy with her only choices being inferior mass-produced ‘cheap’ candles or overpriced ‘quality’ candles.

So one day she gathered all her candle making equipment together and voila! A fabulous new business is born. As you know, the only thing I love more than an Aussie movie is a Woman of Substance.

EG melts

According to Miss Elizabeth Grace…. ‘ Soy wax burns really clean because it’s essentially vegetable oil (which is also a renewable resource) and has a really great scent throw. You’ll find with cheap candles they smell nice to begin with but once lit, you can’t often notice the fragrances. All of the candles I make are triple scented (meaning the fragrance oils are added to wax at a 3:10 ratio instead of the normal 1:10)’

Okay so why have I had these candles for 6 weeks with no blog post? Surely a nice pre-Xmas push for my friend’s new business would have been great. Well yeah of course it would have been.

But I don’t work like that. How was I to judge the quality and scent of a candle from a nice bag? Did it really burn for 33 hours? And I know Miss Elizabeth Grace would have been more than a little displeased had I blogged 30 seconds after receiving the bag. No, no…..that was never the plan.

So 6 weeks later, here I am.

These candles are all they claim to be! The scents are intoxicating, rich and luscious. The smell lingers for days and yep it burnt for almost 33 hours with the same scent level until the last burn. More than 33 actually and yes I did keep track 😉 They leave no nasty residue or soot and quite simply, you know they are quality.

The Vanilla and Lemongrass scent I was given is not a usual mixture but I hope this will be remedied because it was divine. With prices starting at just $12 for 6 melts or a car diffuser …. yes, you can truly take these scents anywhere …. these candles are more than affordable.

You can shop directly from the website here ….. or contact the lady herself via Facebook here

I’m shopping as I type 😉

Love Flick xx

EG heart

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  1. MY new reed diffuser has really added a most amazing and gorgeous scent to my home. Unlike many shop bought products that all smell overpowering and give me headaches this reed diffuser from Elizabeth Grace is just divine. Thanks heaps and keep up the great product.

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