Foxtel TV Review : The Devil's Playground


Foxtel’s new locally made mini-series has a unique history. It is both a sequel to the 1975 Fred Schepisi movie of the same name and an original production. What links both productions is actor Simon Burke who starred in the movie as a 13-year-old and reprises his role as Tom Allen in the mini-series. Just an FYI, you do not have to see the movie to watch the series.

I wasn’t really sure I wanted to watch this series, as good as it looked, because it breaks my heart, all these stories of abuse within the Catholic Church and the subsequent cover ups by..…well everyone it seems. So I got around this by IQ’ing (for those without Foxtel, IQ enables you to record an entire series/season for later viewing) and waiting until I had the time and mindset to sit down and watch.

And I am really glad I did.

You can read the rest of my review here at The Iris AU. 

The series is being re-run on Foxtel’s Showcase or you can download from the new Box Sets channel.

Love Flick xx

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