Movie Review : A Million Ways To Die In The West


Albert (McFarlane) is a cowardly farmer who was recently dumped by his picture perfect girlfriend, Louise (Seyfried) for the suave and debonair moustached Foy (Harris). One night at the pub….okay saloon….. he saves the new girl in town Anna (Theron) from certain death. The pair strike up a friendship and she agrees to show him how to win back his sweetheart’s love. Unbeknownst to Albert, Anna is in fact the wife of the baddest bad guy in the territory, the aptly named Clinch Leatherwood.

And Clinch is on his way to town…… will it be guns at high noon?

The opening credits showcase the amazingly beautiful Monument Valley from the air, there is a Western type score and even the fonts are spot on 1950’s shoot em up Western style. It’s looking good.

From the first scene, it is painfully obvious that McFarlane has made a huge mistake casting himself as the leading man. Don’t get me wrong, McFarlane is a brilliant comedian with a keen mind and sharp sense of irony but as a leading man? Nope. He was great a Ted ….. but Ted was a stuffed teddy bear. And there was Mark Wahlberg …..

As the fast talking Albert, I initially thought he was a time traveller because his observations about this time in history, delivered in what began to seem like an endless monologue, were scarily accurate. As I said, there is no doubt the man is funny as hell but self editing is a gift best used often.

The movie was funny and yes I did spend a lot of time laughing but many of the jokes were that juvenile toilet humour that taps into your inner 10 year old and you laugh despite yourself.

The absolute star of this movie is the gorgeous and supremely talented Harris. As a smarmy well to do businessman, he shines as Albert’s enemy in the battle for Louise’s heart. With the twist of his moustache and the arch of an eyebrow, he shows more character and personality than McFarlane does in the entire movie. Now I cant help but wonder would this have been different with a new leading man? Hmmmmm


Theron brings a great deal of charm to Anna and Neeson is just………..well he should always be the bad guy in black. He simply oozes sinister sex appeal.

Having said all that, the burgeoning relationship between Albert and Anna is very sweet, pure and honest. There are no agendas and it is a very touching romance. It holds the movie together in my opinion.

If you allow yourself to just give in and laugh at shit jokes, laugh at the same joke said 4 different ways and said 4 different times, you should be fine. It’s not a bad movie but it’s not good either. I really would have preferred a different leading man and I just couldn’t get past McFarlane’s lack of appeal in this role. He needs to step back behind the camera and concentrate on what he does best. Leave the leading man stuff to Harris and Neeson.

Love Flick xx

Director :   Seth MacFarlane

Starring :    Seth MacFarlane,  Charlize Theron, Liam Neeson, Amanda Seyfried, Giovanni Ribisi, Neil Patrick Harris, Sarah Silverman, Christopher Hagan, Wes Studi

Running Time :  116 minutes

Release Date :  29 May 2014


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