Movie Review : All is Lost


Robert Redford stars as a sailor who wakes one morning some 1700 nautical miles from the Sumatra Straits to find his yacht has collided with a shipping container. The boat is taking on water fast and so begins the race against time and the unrelenting ocean to survive.

Redford is, in fact, the sole actor in this movie. It also contains less than a perhaps a page of spoken word. It is basically a film without dialogue.

All is Lost is a tense survival / thriller movie. From the moment you see the damage this huge shipping container has done to this small yacht, you know this isnt going to be a happy, fun movie.

Redford has to battle the container, the damage it has done, the ocean, the weather and himself. For a long time he never loses his cool and calmly moves from one vital task to the next to ensure he survives. When he does start to sense that this could be it….. that he may in fact die out here in the vast Indian Ocean all alone, we are swept along with him.

This movie reminds me of Buried with Ryan Reynolds. If you havent seen it, you should check it out. Reynolds proves he is more than just a pretty face.

But I digress…..

I loved this movie. It had me from the moment I saw that container gnawing away at the little yacht…..and it never let go. Redford is a seasoned and commanding on screen presence and it is difficult to believe he is almost 80 years old. I was exhausted watching him. If you like dialogue, dont even bother with this.If you want to see how a true actor, true storytellers, tell their stories without words, run dont walk to grab your tickets.

This is a great movie to sit back and sink into …… no pun intended.

Love Flick xx



Director :   JC Chandor

Starring :  Robert Redford

Running Time :  106 minutes

Release Date :  20 March, 2014


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