Movie Review : Before I Go to Sleep


Each night when Christine (Kidman) goes to sleep, her memory is erased. She is an amnesiac, the result of a horribly violent attack many years ago, and awakens each morning with no knowledge of who she is or what has happened to her. Her husband Ben (Firth) fills her in on some basic details and has set up their home with notes and lists so she can find what she might need during the day while he is at work.

For the past few weeks, Christine has been secretly meeting with a psychologist Dr Nash (Strong) and they have slowly began the painful process of piecing back together her memory. But what they start to unravel is different to what Ben tells her each morning.

She doesn’t really ‘know’ either man so who can she trust? Can she trust anyone?

Dr Nash gives her a camera and she begins to keep a secret video diary, leaving messages for herself when she wakes tomorrow with no memory. She begins to notice small things around her and even starts to have flashbacks. She reconnects with her best friend Claire (Duff) who gives her some very important information, including a letter from Ben.

This movie started out as an engaging thriller and I was keen to discover the truth along with Christine. Ben and Nash were such different characters and played by such great actors that I genuinely had no idea who, or even if, either of these men were a danger to Christine. I really felt for this woman, so frightened and confused, it was no wonder she could not piece it all together.


Then it started to dissolve into a puddle of red herrings and …. well drama. It stopped being a thriller and decided it wanted to be a melodrama. Now I have nothing against melodrama, I love me some angsty cinema, but I do become quite agitated when my movie leaps genres mid way through. It got all silly and teary and I was bored. And when we did finally get our resolution, I was simply annoyed that I didn’t figure it out earlier.

This movie was okay. I enjoyed the first half so it was a little more than okay but not much. I just wished it had stayed the course. 2.5 out of 5 stars

Love Flick xx

Director :  Rowan Joffe

Starring :  Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth, Mark Strong, Anne-Marie Duff, Dean-Charles Chapman, Rosie MacPherson, Adam Levy, Charlie Gardner

Running Time :  92 minutes

Release Date :  16 October 2014

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