Movie Review : Bridget Jones’s Baby


15 years ago we met and fell in love with Bridget Jones (Zellweger), a thirty-something, single girl juggling career, friends and love in London. We cheered as she made some smart decisions in life, we cried as she screwed things up again and we laughed as she strutted through life in her silly little tops, determined to be who she wanted to be.

Bridget Jones was an every woman. Bridge was one of us.

Well now Bridget is back….. but is she still one of us?

She certainly is!

Bringing back such a well-loved character after such a long hiatus was always going to be a tough call, especially after 2004’s Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason was such a major mis-step. Bridget was so charmingly neurotic that some very pretty clever writing was needed to ensure she wasn’t turned into some caricature of herself. Luckily, the writing team rose to the challenge and the script is funny, endearing and completely lovable.

All of the original’s main actors have reprised their roles which adds more than a touch of familiarity to the proceedings and you really do feel as if you have simply opened a window to peek on their lives a decade or so later. Shazzer (Phillips), Jude (Henderson) and Tom (Callis), Bridget’s ‘urban family’, are all still best mates and as hilariously unforgiving as always. Mum (Jones) is still delightfully zany and as out of touch as ever and Dad (Broadbent) is still Bridget’s touchstone and moral compass.


There are, of course, some new characters to love. Bridget’s friend and work colleague Miranda (Solemani) is an absolute riot as the on air TV presenter who plays by her own rules but is is Emma Thompson as Bridget’s no nonsense, sharp tongued gyno who steals every, single scene she is in. She is so delightfully wicked and funny that I dare you not to adore her and want more.

And then there is Mark Darcy (Firth), as snobbishly and adorably swoon-worthy as you remember. I wasn’t quite sure how well Mr Darcy Firth would fare against the silver fox handsome-ness of Dempsey as his romantic rival but he more than holds his own. It’s a much different love triangle than the Bridget/Darcy/Clever (Grant) one was. Much more confusing to know who you want to cheer for. Oh such dilemmas to ponder *sighs*

This movie is a welcome finale to the Bridget Jones trilogy and so utterly funny and enjoyable I will be seeing it many more times during it’s cinema run. I saw it at an Event Cinema Chicks at the Flicks preview screening and every woman there howled with so much laughter from beginning to end I dare say many will have to see it again just to hear the jokes they missed the first time.

Bridge is back, she is still one of us and just for the record…… #TeamDarcy

4 1/2 stars

Love Sue-Ellen xx


Director : Sharon Maguire

Starring : Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth, Patrick Dempsey, Sarah Solemani, James Callis, Emma Thompson, Gemma Jones, Jim Broadbent, Sally Phillips, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Shirley Henderson, Ben Willbond, Agni Scott, Ed Sheeran, Celia Imrie

Running Time : 122 minutes

Release Date :  September 15

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