Movie Review – Captain America : The Winter Soldier (3D)


Before I begin….

You never, ever, EVER leave a Marvel movie before the lights are up and the ushers are forcing you to leave.


Coz we got 2 this time….. 

Smugness over 😉

Steve Rogers / Captain America (Evans……who is NOT quitting acting once his Marvel contract is fulfilled) is back and struggling to cope with this brave new world he finds himself in. Rather adorably, he keeps a notebook on him and lists things he needs to see/google/ eat or investigate. One of these things is Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. Loved that 😛

On an early morning run he meets and befriends Sam (Mackie), a veteran who shares more with Captain America than first meets the eye. Sam is intrigued and bemused when Natasha (Johansson) arrives to pick up Steve and it wont be long before the trio are working side by side to defeat a new enemy – The Winter Soldier. Well not exactly new as it turns out.

When tragedy befalls SHIELD, Steve is asked once again to save the world. SHIELD is moving to ensure the safety of the entire world but are their intentions as purely motivated as they would like everyone to think? It’s very much a conspiracy theory type of movie. This time the enemy may be from within. Or an old enemy.  The good guys are not always good…..and the bad guys are even worse than you could imagine. And then there are those who we are not sure of…… they may be the worst of all.

I wont delve much deeper into the plot because I know I will stumble and type spoilers. And for that, in this genre, I may be banned from the interwebs all together.

The Winter Soldier is fantastic…..and yeah 3D did enhance my viewing experience. I cant believe I said it but there ya go ….


The plot is intriguing and complicated without being pretentious and difficult to follow. You are never quite sure who is on who’s side….which is precisely why Steve was told to trust no-one. And with good reason.

The characters are well fleshed out either from the other movies in the Marvel world or simply through great storytelling for the new (ish) characters. And speaking of other Marvel characters …..this is a gripe I was asked to comment on …… where was everyone else? Where are all the other superheros who should be here. Now. With this universe seemingly unstoppable and ever-expanding, where is everyone else?


We have lost of action and special effects. Lots of unbelievably clever stunts and battles. Nick Fury (Jackson) has a car/truck that must be seen to be believed. It is beyond clever and deserves every second of its screen-time.

The aww shucks, clean cut humour is still here. Natasha’s repeated attempts throughout the movie to set up a date for Steve with any number of their colleagues is a sweet and endearing welcome relief from the action. Evans and Johansson share a wonderful, easy on-screen chemistry that is the movie’s heart. 

I counted 3 rounds of applause during the movie……and of course the one at the end. The real end. At over 2 hours in length, I thought I would be time keeping by the end but was almost surprised when the credits started rolling. Yep it was just that good.

These movies just keep getting better. The stories are timeless and the Director and writers have done a great job in keeping the clean-cut-but-not-to-be-trifled-with Captain America as a hero to be admired and respected. He is not dark and deep and brooding…..but neither is he eye-rollingly righteous either… despite what Loki would have us believe 😉

I loved this movie and was lucky enough to have a movie companion who is way into this universe and is a veritable encyclopedia of who’s who and what’s what. He filled me in on the basics……as he always does…… and I look forward to seeing where this franchise goes. He could tell me, naturally……but I enjoy the anticipation.

And remember……..we never ever leave before the lights come up 😉

Love Flick xx


Starring :  Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Robert Redford, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Cobie Smulders, Frank Grillo, Maximiliano Hernández, Emily VanCamp, Hayley Atwell, Toby Jones, Stan Lee, Callan Mulvey

Running Time :  136 minutes

Release Date :  3 April, 2014



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