Movie Review : Deadpool


I am going to keep this one short because let’s face it,  if you are going to see Deadpool, you’ve already seen it. I am a bit late to Deadpool’s party but shit happens …..

And so the least superhero-y (but most fun) ‘superhero’ finally gets his own movie. It has been a long time coming and a lot of secret and not so secret behind the scenes maneuvering has happened to bring this guy to the big screen. So is it worth it?

You bet your arse it’s worth it.

Ex-Special Forces Op turned mercenary Wade Wilson (Reynolds) agrees to undergo treatments that promise him super powers, but it all goes horribly wrong and now as Deadpool, he is seeking revenge on the man who ruined him.

Deadpool is not your average superhero. He is brash, rude, crude and hilariously funny, firing one liners at lightening speed as he not only kills the bad guys, but humiliates them as well. Not that they notice or care but we certainly do.


In the surprisingly deft hands of Reynolds, Deadpool has a very un-self conscious campness to him which only heightens his presence. The flip side is he is totally self-aware. Absolutely 100% self-aware. This is the key, this is the secret that makes him so enchanting. He flirts with the audience as often as he flirts with other characters. I can think of only one other actor who could have successfully brought Deadpool to life….but he is already Ironman so that would never work.

The present day is inter-woven beautifully with the past. Sure the script is a bit light but we don’t go to see these movies to be thinking about the subplot’s subtext weeks later, now do we? Oh and I don’t have to discuss CGI, do I? Good.

If you don’t go and see this one, you will be missing out. I have seen it twice and it deserves that second viewing so you can pick up all you missed the first time. Bring on the sequel …

PS. Do not take your kids. This is not for them, not matter how much they beg.

4 stars

Sue-Ellen xx

Director : Tim Miller

Starring :  Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, T.J. Miller, Ed Skrein, Stefan Kapicic, Brianna Hildebrand, Leslie Uggams, Stan Lee

Running Time : 108 minutes

Release Date : In Cinemas Now

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