Movie Review : Deliver Us From Evil


Brooklyn cops Sarchie (Bana) and Butler (McHale) work the graveyard shift and so encounter the very worst the city has to offer on a regular basis. Sarchie, according to Butler, has a sixth sense when it comes to crimes committed and on one such evening, they attend to such a call. On the surface, it appears to be a (sadly) routine case of domestic violence, so appropriate steps are taken to protect the woman and her child and the cops move on.

But this case will prove to be just the start of a series of increasingly disturbing events that send Sarchie’s spidey senses into overdrive.

As Sarchie becomes more involved in these cases, he encounters a rather unorthodox Jesuit priest Mendoza (Ramirez) who tries to convince him the people involved in these cases need more religious counselling than jail time. He could be right. A few of the things that link these cases are Latin phrases etched in walls and/or humans, lots of scratching at floors and the ground that causes a great deal of trauma to fingers and fingernails.

Oh and Doors lyrics. Yep you read that right. Jim Morrison. Break on Through. Yep those Doors.

To top things off, Sarchie’s home life is far from ideal with his lonely wife Jen (Munn) trying to deal with their increasingly distraught daughter who hears the scratching and is freaking out. Sarchie seems to have little time for his wife outside of the bedroom using his stressful job as his main excuse.


Okay so I went into this movie expecting some great epic of evilness that I would watch peeking over my jacket as I alternated being brave with being a sook. That never happened. There were a few scares but nothing that would keep me awake at night or checking under the bed for monsters (so to speak ha ha ha)

But what I did find was a decent little supernatural thriller. It is not the best I have seen, not by a longshot, but it wasn’t too bad. Connecting the crimes/events was interesting, figuring them all out less so and the final act….well it was just what I was expecting by that time.

Bana began to steer into wide eyed over the top and this annoyed me because I watched Chopper only last week so I know he can do brooding and tough with great ease. Ramirez was engaging as the priest but it was McHale who breathed real life into his character. I dont mind McHale as an actor and thought he did a good job with Butler.

This movie should not be promoted as a horror because its not. A thriller yes but horror…..nope. It wasnt too bad I guess. I wouldnt recommend it but if middle of the road supernatural thrillers are your thing, then go for it.

Love Flick xx

Director :   Scott Derrickson

Starring :  Eric Bana, Édgar Ramírez, Olivia Munn, Chris Coy, Dorian Missick, Sean Harris, Joel McHale, Mike Houston, LuluWilson, Olivia Horton

Running Time :  118 minutes

Release Date :  24 July 2014

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