Movie Review : Edge of Tomorrow


I know what you’re thinking………Flick actually went to a Tom Cruise movie? Yup.

So here goes……

Earth has been invaded by these disgusting alien spidery type creatures who are rather quickly advancing their way across Europe. A last-ditch defensive assault has been arranged for tomorrow and a smug and smarmy marketing executive Cage (Cruise) has just been informed he will be joining the troops on the ground. Cage is not happy about this and tries to whinge his way out of it.

Tough shit sook……you’re gonna fight with the ground troops.

Okay so this is not a bad start 😛

He is unceremoniously harassed and berated by his new leader, Master Sergeant Farell (Paxton) and naturally the team he is placed with are the misfits and no-hopers. They dont like Cage either and many jokes are made at his expense. My heart warms a little.

The troops are shipped out early the next day but it all goes wrong when their plane is hit by a missile/bomb and they are dropped into a bloodbath on the ground.

Within seconds Cage is dead and finds himself back where he started. From here on in, Cage is caught in some sort of time loop and has to relive the same day over and over.

Think Starship Troopers meets Groundhog Day meets Alien.

The first days are relived almost exactly the same and I settle back all prepared to have my mind gently bored into a nice cinema nap. But then something unexpected happens…..

The movie gets good.


The script, far from becoming monotonous and boring with its time loop ummmm thingie, quickly adapts and changes, unafraid to takes leaps forward and allowing for some assumed knowledge within the storytelling. In other words, we are not treated like idiots. In fact, the opposite is true as the audience is expected to keep pace with the movie and fill in the small blanks. Very clever.

Blunt is spectacular as the war hero Rita aka Full Metal Bitch. She is an actor who refuses to be pigeon-holed and does a fantastic job of playing Ripley a tough no-nonsense soldier fighting to save her entire planet from evil aliens. She is a great lead in this movie.

Oh make no mistake, this is Blunt’s movie. Cruise may think he’s the lead and been told he’s the lead but it’s Blunt who carries the movie. Cruise’s Cage could have been played by anyone. Well to be perfectly honest it SHOULD have been played by a younger actor but… ego is an ego is an ego.

I (obviously) couldnt see past Cruise and yes I know that’s a terrible flaw for a movie reviewer. But it is what it is. His career is almost dead so I dont have to worry about Cruise much anyway. But having said that, this movie is a great way to spend a few hours this weekend. It’s action packed, unexpectedly funny in some places and very clever. You should check this one out.

Love Flick xx


Director :   Doug Liman

Starring :    Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton, Brendan Gleeson, Jonas Armstrong, Tony Way, Kick Gurry, Franz Drameh, Charlotte Riley

Running Time :  113 minutes

Release Date :  5 June 2014

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