Movie Review : Felony

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Mal Toohey (Edgerton) is a good bloke and a good cop who has just lead a successful police raid. He was even shot at but luckily his bullet proof vest did it’s job and all he has is a nasty bruise. For all these reasons, Mal is still at the pub at 5am celebrating with his work colleagues and having possibly had one too many, he is warned as he leaves that the RBT boys are out tonight and is given a code word should he be pulled over.

Well, Mal is pulled over and kinda reluctantly uses the code word and is waved on.

Its 5am, Mal is tired, possibly a bit drunk and its raining. He clips something with his car and in his rear vision mirror sees it’s a kid on a bike. He stops and calls for an ambulance.

As well as the ambulance and uniformed police, a pair of plain clothes detectives Jim Melic (Courtney) and Carl Summer (Wilkinson) also arrive at the scene. Summer, a seasoned veteran, quickly assumes control of the situation. He sends Jim off to see to the traffic and media as he pulls Mal aside to talk to him.

There are no witnesses, Mal’s statement is taken and he is sent on his way. The cover up has begun.

Mal has lied to the police and denied hitting the child with his car. This single lie will have a ripple effect and will compound and turn in on itself and eat away at Mal’s conscience.


This isnt a movie about good cops and bad cops, its about how people react to a bad situation. Mal was a good guy confronted with a terrible choice. In a moment of enormous pressure, he makes a choice and has to live with the consequences.

Possibly, I should have been tsk tsking my way through this movie and judging him but I couldnt because he paused. When he made that first call for an ambulance he hesitates, he pauses. Those few seconds let me know that this IS a good man.

Others are also complicit here too. Carl who advises him to lie. His wife Julie (George) who when he confesses the truth, tells him they can live with this. His mates who let him drive home tired and drunk. The RBT boys who waved through a fellow cop. Even perhaps, the child’s mother who allows her 10 year old son to be out at 5am delivering newspapers.

This is a fantastic movie. It’s paced perfectly and shot beautifully. It didnt lose me for even a second. The fact that its an Aussie film just makes it better. Edgerton is one of my favourite actors but I really, really love when he writes.

This is a great piece of stroytelling and you should make time to go see it. As always, support your local industry.

Love Flick xx


Director :  Matthew Saville

Starring :  Jai Courtney, Joel Edgerton, Tom Wilkinson, Melissa George, Sarah Roberts

Running Time :  105 minutes

Release Date :  28 August 2014

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