Movie Review : Gone Girl


Okay this time I DID read the book, penned by the fabulous Gillian Flynn. It was a unnervingly delicious and eye-wateringly savage appraisal of a modern marriage in free fall. To be fair, I only read the book once the movie hype started but I was expecting great things considering the Director and actors involved. So does it live up to the hype?

Basically, this is the story of Nick (Affleck) and Amy (Pike), a couple who were once madly in love and now, on their fifth wedding anniversary, could not be any further apart. To most others, they seem to be a loving couple who have, after some major life changes, uprooted from their fabulous New York life to settle in Nick’s childhood Missouri hometown.

But as they say, nobody truly knows what goes on inside a marriage and there is soooo much more to this story…..

Nick returns to his home the morning of their anniversary to find Amy gone. The front door is wide open and there seems to have been some sort of struggle. The police are called and Nick is their prime suspect.

Because the husband did it. The husband always does it.


And Nick doesn’t seem to be a loving, warm man. He shows very little emotion, is clearly lying and when they front the media the next day, he smiles for the cameras. Creepy stuff. Amy’s parents arrive and after initially supporting their son-in-law, their support begins to waver as things don’t add up.

But lots of things don’t add up.


I am going to stop here because if I say anymore, I will spoil the movie. There are 2 sides to every story, all the main characters are deeply flawed in some way and very little is what it seems.

Everything about this movie is perfection. The Director lets the story unfold at its own pace. I have glimpsed some criticism about his but pffffft. Not everything has to happen at break neck speed and the way this story rolls out is almost decadent.

We are glimpsing the sometimes thinly veiled underbelly of many a community. Possibly all communities in some way. The lies, the secrets, the deceptions. We witness the unravelling of generations of pain and anguish. The sins of the mother…..the sins of the father.

This story also turns the mirror on each of us. Anyone who reads or watches the news, who judges, who takes sides, who allows the mass media to tell us ‘who done it’. We see the handsome husband smile for a split second and BAM! He’s guilty. He doesn’t emote they way we think he should …..guilty.

I did say this movie was perfection. And it is ….. except for the ending. I didn’t like it in the book and I didn’t like it here either. But that is my issue and one not shared by many it would seem.

You really should get yourself to a cinema and see this one. It will stay with you and you will want to dissect it with others, trust me. A really excellent movie.

Is it as good as the book? Hmmmmmm it stays true but the book will always be better.

Love Flick xx

Director :  David Fincher

Starring : Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry, Carrie Coon, Kim Dickens, Patrick Fugit, David Clennon, Lisa Banes, Missi Pyle, Emily Ratajkowski, Casey Wilson, Sela Ward

Running Time :  149 minutes

Release Date :  2 October 2014

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  1. Great review. I have seen that there’s hype but managed to still stay away from it. I think I want to check out the movie now… or read the book… or both.

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