Movie Review : Into the Storm


Disaster movies are a guilty pleasure of mine…….particularly climate change/extreme weather disaster movies. So I was keen for this movie and hoped it kept to the time-honoured tradition of ‘Lets spend most of the money on CGI effects and only throw some spare change at the writers and actors because nobody really cares about character development………they just want to see shit being destroyed by Mother Nature!

And I was not disappointed! YAY!!

Its high school graduation day in the small Oklahoma town of Silverton. Vice Principal Gary (Armitage) had arranged for his son Donnie (Deacon) to film the event and put together a digital time capsule. But Donnie has ditched Dad to sneak off with his love interest to film at an old abandoned factory that is supposedly polluting the town. Oh I know, I know 😉

Also converging on Silverton this day is a huge storm cell that promises to deliver massive tornadoes. And as we all know, hot on the heels of massive tornadoes are the storm chasers, including serious ‘for the data’ storm chasers Allison (Callies) and Pete (Walsh) and the ridiculous yet funny redneck ‘for the You Tube hits’ chasers Donk (Davis) and Reevis (Reep).

As the tornadoes begin to touch down, the CGI takes over. I saw this on a V-Max screen (thanks Event Cinemas) and I’m glad I did. The visuals and the sounds were absolutely amazing. Then the tornadoes rebuild and pummel this small town over and over again. Then they split and split again until there are too many to count. Then the tornadoes rebuild yet again and come together to form a massive super tornado that will rip apart anything that stands in its path.

It’s fantastic!



Okay so the script is lame and the acting is just average (apart from Callies and Walsh…both good actors given a flimsy script) but who cares? I certainly didn’t. I did not step foot into that cinema to be mesmerised by words and blown away by acting prowess.

I went to see tornadoes destroy everything. I really wanted to see the fire tornadoes from the trailer and I was not disappointed. I wanted to see cars and planes flying through the air. I wanted to see people running headlong into the path of a tornado to save precious data.

This movie is exactly what you think it will be…… an ordinary script and average acting but amazing CGI effects. If you seriously think it’s going to be anything else, you’ve obviously never watched a disaster movie before.

If you love Mother Nature wreaking havoc, get thee to a big screen… oh and the bigger the better …… NOW!

Love Flick xx

Director :  Steven Quale

Starring :   Richard Armitage, Sarah Wayne Callies, Matt Walsh, Max Deacon, Nathan Kress, Alycia Debnam Carey, Arlen Escarpeta, Jeremy Sumpter, Kyle Davis, Jon Reep

Running Time :  89 minutes

Release Date :  4 September 2014

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