Movie Review : John Wick



Keanu is back!

John Wick (Reeves) is a retired hit man who is forced back into his old life when some thugs kill his puppy, a gift from his dying wife and steal his car. With nothing left to lose, he sets out for revenge. John soon discovers that one of the thugs who killed his puppy is the son of his former employer, Russian mob boss Viggo (Tarasov).

Now, when it is Viggo that is suddenly afraid of Wick, we know we are about to watch something kinda good.

Viggo attempts to negotiate with Wick but with his mind set on revenge, he will not be swayed. Understanding the danger not only his son Iosef (Allen) but his entire operation is in, Viggo contacts another hitman still in the game, hoping to deal with the situation swiftly. Marcus (Dafoe) is a long time friend of Wick’s but as the price on his head is considerable, I will leave it to you to discover if Marcus is friend or foe.

As the body count starts to rise, Viggo then orders a general hit on Wick. From here on in, it is open season.

This movie reminded me of a graphic novel adaptation. I actually goggled it when I got home. It had that sort of dark, graphic noir feel about it. It was slick and visually contained as the bullets flew and the characters tried to outsmart each other. It introduces us to a world that appears to exist parallel to our own, just out of view.


For example, as the bodies pile up, Wick checks into a hotel he has obviously frequented in the past. It is a refined, upmarket establishment, one of those places that caters to its guest’s every whim, no matter how unusual. There are very clear rules and conditions of stay should you book in and once you realise the true nature of it’s clientele, you should manage a chuckle or two. As I said, think graphic novel.

Everything about this movie was amazing. It is a solid action movie that could (should) spawn a sequel. Yeah it was that good. I loved the story, I loved the plot twists and turns and I loved Keanu. He is in his best form in years. I have been a devoted Keanu fan for more years than I care to admit and this movie had me silently cheering. Say what you will about him but the guy has stamina, balls and fantastic genes.

Is this Keanu’s Taken? Check it out and make up your own mind but I reckon it very well may be exactly that.

4 out of 5 stars

Love Flick xx

Director :   David Leitch, Chad Stahelski

Starring :  Keanu Reeves, Michael Nyqvist, Alfie Allen, Willem Dafoe, Adrianne Palicki, Ian McShane, Bridget Moynahan, John Leguizamo, Lance Reddick, Dean Winters

Running Time :  101 minutes

Release Date :  30 October 2014



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