Movie Review : Lucy


Lucy (Johansson) stupidly/unwittingly (depends on your perception) becomes a drug mule for an Asian gang. In what must be almost every person’s nightmare, she wakes up to discover she has had surgery on her stomach. She is informed she is now carrying a bag of very important drugs and all she and 4 other drug mules, have to do is deliver them to their alloted destinations.

But the bag breaks and as her body absorbs the drug, once the convulsing stops, Lucy emerges as a sort of female terminator. Her mind is evolving and as she begins to use more of her brain capacity, she becomes capable of some amazing feats of physical strength and mental dexterity. The entire movie hinges on this continued rapid brain evolution.

She manages to free herself from her captors with some pretty serious moves. Go Lucy! She makes her way to a hospital to have the drugs removed and it is here we find out more about the actual drug. It’s a highly experimental drug but luckily/conveniently, this particular surgeon knows all about it.

She accesses the internet to read up on brain capacity and contacts an authority on the subject, Professor Norman (Freeman). He tries to help her but very soon, her intelligence far outweighs anything he knows or can even hypothesise. Lucy is on her own.


Lucy starts out brilliantly and I am reminded of some previous Besson movies…..obviously The Fifth Element and La Femme Nikita…. with shades of Run Lola Run. A smart, kick arse chick taking on the bad guys and winning. Any comparisons to the 2011 Bradley Cooper movie Limitless are soon washed away. Well they do say men and women use their brains differently ha ha ha

But after a promising and high energy start, Lucy starts to unravel. It becomes, I don’t know…… existential? As it delves into the unknown, it loses focus. What I was promised in the trailer, a high energy female terminator type action flick, is left behind. Oh sure, you can bleat on that I didn’t get it or other such taunts and clearly I did not ‘get it’. Besson doesn’t usually leave his heroines out to dry like this.

I loved the first half, loathed the second half. Johansson is so engaging on the screen and has had some fantastic roles again lately, so I was kinda disappointed in this one.

Love Flick xx

Director :    Luc Besson

Starring :  Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman, Min-sik Choi, Amr Waked, Analeigh Tipton, 

Running Time :  89 minutes

Release Date :  31 July 2014

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