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We all know the story of Sleeping Beauty. The sweet and innocent infant Princess Aurora (Fanning) is cursed by the spiteful and vengeful fairy Maleficent (Jolie). Boooooooo Maleficent BOOOOOO. What kind of wicked creature curses an innocent child.

And Maleficent is so evil that her skin is green so you know it’s true. Wicked Disney women are always green …. *coughs*


But is there more to this tale? Why would a fairy curse an innocent child? Of course there is more …..

As it turns out, Maleficent began life as a sweet natured fairy who roamed the hills of her native land doing fairy things and playing with goblins. Until one day she meets a human boy Stefan.

But boys suck, right!

They steal kisses and tell lies and break your heart.

But our unexpected heroine, that would be Maleficent for those who cant keep up, does not get mad she gets even. And how! She stores up all that hatred and spite and curses the wee baby…… before Aurora’s 16th birthday she will prick her finger and fall into eternal slumber, awakening only with true love’s kiss. Yeah okay so that’s not a cool thing to do but there ya go.

So Aurora is whisked away to live with her 3 fairy godmothers Flittle (Manville), Thistletwit (Temple) and Knotgrass (Staunton) until the day after her 16th birthday.


Maleficent watches the child silently and is ever-present as she grows. One day, Aurora ventures bravely into the fairy lands and meets Maleficent face to face. She is not afraid and it is here that the story takes an unexpected turn….

And it is here that I will leave the telling to the movie 🙂

The script was a bit cheesy in parts and I have to say, the uttering of the curse, one of folklore’s most famous and devastating, was an absolute fizzer. Oh Jolie gave it her all but it was so lame I cringed.

But then it got good. The movie that is. Maleficent was not a one-dimensional woman and Jolie’s skill as an actress shone through as she presented us with a well-rounded and complex woman who, as I mentioned previously, is the true heroine of this story.

This is, after all, a Disney movie about a Princess and we must keep this in mind. And it’s for kids. It’s rated PG so it’s not for our littlest movie lovers but for those who proudly tote their pink Disney Princess lunch boxes to school in their pink Disney backpacks……..well a dose of somekick arse women who are self-assured might be in order.

I really liked this movie. I found it endearing and fun. Jolie is staggeringly stunning as Maleficent and her journey of self discovery is open and pure. Fanning plays the bright eyed Aurora with a sweetness that never once goes to far. In the hands of a lesser actress, the result may have been quite disastrous. She holds her own against Jolie quite nicely thank you very much. Bravo young lady!

I recommend you leave your adult self in the cinema foyer and take your younger self in to watch. Take the self that still believes in fairys, still believes in true love and still believes that the world would be perfect if we all had wings *sighs*

Love Flick xx


Director :   Robert Stromberg

Starring :    Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Sharlto Copley, Lesley Manville, Imelda Staunton, Juno Temple, Sam Riley, Brenton Thwaites, Kenneth Cranham, Ella Purnell

Running Time :  97 minutes

Release Date :  29 May 2014

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  1. Maleficent was truly amazing in my opinion. I loved the back story to Maleficent, it really seemed to make the original story make more sense. The casting was perfect, everyone seemed to fit each character from the original animation perfectly. The plot twists were great, I did not see them coming, as I do in most movies. I went with my wife, and her cousin, none of us expected it to be Great, but we all left deeply satisfied thinking it was one of the best movies this season. Maybe it was because we went in with low expectations that we felt so good about the movie. Maleficent is one of my favorite Disney villains of all time, and it actually makes me yearn for more villain back story movies, Maybe Ursula or Jafar.

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