Movie Review : Minions


Since cementing their cult status with Despicable Me 2, there were rumours the world’s most adorable evil minions were to star in their own movie. And so here it is ….

Our story shows Kevin, Stuart and Bob from their very first moments on Earth as little yellow blobs following the biggest, meanest fish they could find right up to 1968 when they stumble into a big modern city. It is here they discover the existence of Villain-Con and their new Queen, the world’s villainiest villain…. Scarlet Overkill (Bullock).

The minions are whisked off to England to begin their new life as ummmm evil minions. You see, Scarlet wants to be the Queen of England but this Queen Elizabeth II (Saunders) is no push over. Thus begins a wonderfully silly and hilarious romp through London that sees Bob become King Bob.


This movie is as much fun as you think it will be. If you adore the minions, as I do, you will be laughing from the opening when the minions sing the Universal movie theme to the final shot. The minions are as scatterbrained and silly as ever. They speak minion with only the occasional word in English but you never miss a thing.

The historical and pop culture references throughout will keep you on your toes. My particular favourites were the demise of Dracula, the faked moon landing and the *drops mic*.

Minions is a cute, sweet, funny movie that will have you smiling and laughing from start to finish. A perfect family movie that is great for all ages and just in time for school holidays.

4 stars

Love Flick xx

Director :  Kyle Balda, Pierre Coffin

Starring :  Chris Renaud, Pierre Coffin, Sandra Bullock, Allison Janney, Peter Serafinowicz, Michael Keaton, Jon Hamm, Katy Mixon, Geoffrey Rush, Stever Coogan, Jennifer Saunders

Running Time :  91 minutes

Release Date :  18 June 2015

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