Movie Review : Paper Planes


Dylan (Oxenbould) is a 12 year old schoolboy from the middle of nowhere when his teacher Mr Hickenlooper (Rowsthorn) brings a special guest to class to talk to the kids about paper plane making. It all seems a bit of a bludge until Dylan discovers a knack for making paper planes that fly incredibly well. He is also amazed (as was I) to discover that there is such a thing as a Paper Plane Championships.

Encouraged by his teacher and new best mate Kevin (a wonderfully comical turn by Dennison), Dylan sets out to be the new Aussie champ.

The only problem is his dad Jack (Worthington) is still lost in his grief after the death of his wife, Dylan’s mother. Jack can barely function day-to-day and pays scant attention to the boy so some paper plane contest is of very little interest to him.

Dylan, still grieving himself, is resilient and so with very little help from his father, decides to enlist his larrikin grandfather (Norris) to help out. Ahhhh Grandpa, a cheeky old bugger if there ever was one. With Grandpa’s endless knowledge of flight and Kevin’s endless willingness to give anything a go, Dylan is on his way to success!

Once Dylan gets to the state championships, he makes friends with the adorable Kimi (Imai), a like-minded soul who wants to win but not at any cost.


Paper Planes is an absolute delight of a movie. With it’s underlying themes of love and loss and the relationships between father and son, it never forgets it is a kid’s movie at heart and doesn’t get too sad. There are many laughs to be had but it’s mostly smiles.

Smiles for a young man who just wants to fly his planes, smiles for his first fumbling attempts to charm a young lady, smiles for a cheeky Grandpa who is just what a sad little boy needs….and smiles for a father who does eventually fight through his own grief for the sake of his son.

I loved this movie from the moment I saw the trailer a few months ago until the end credits started to roll. With school holidays almost over and as we are all winding down and preparing to go back to school, this movie is a wonderful treat. Like a cool drink at the end of a hot summer day.

4 stars

Love Flick xx

Director : Robert Connolly

Starring :  Sam Worthington, Ed Oxenbould, Deborah Mailman, Nicholas Bakopoulos-Cooke, David Wenham, Terry Norris, Peter Rowsthorn, Julian Dennison, Ena Imai

Running Time :  96 minutes

Release Date :  15 January 2015


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