Movie Review : Ride Along


Ben Barber (Hart) is a school security guard by day, platinum level video game player by night. He wants two things in life…… to join the police force and to marry his girlfriend Angela (Sumpter). However Angela has insisted on her brother first blessing the union. The brother happens to be jaded cop with the Atlanta Police Dept Payton (Ice Cube) and to prove his worth as both potential husband and potential cop, Barber joins Payton for a 24 hour patrol that is anything but typical.

Payton has spent the better part of a year trying to find the elusive mastermind behind some pretty serious criminal activity in Atlanta and, naturally, it all comes together during this 24 hour period.

Ride Along begins with some pretty funny scenes between Ben and Angela. She is competing with the bane of many a non game playing partner’s existence…..the X Box. Online, Ben is Blackhammer….. all conquering hero etc etc et al. Offline, he is a rather diminutive security guard. This juxtaposition is played for laughs and to great effect.

The rest of the movie plays as a pretty standard cop buddy movie.  The young rookie is taken under the wing of the stern but good hearted veteran who ultimately concedes that the rookie isn’t the idiot/moron that he thought he was. The rookie stumbles onto a lead that in turn could break the big case. The veteran is begrudgingly impressed and they start to work as a true team.


Hart is a comedian and actor with a huge amount of energy but he never lets it take control. He bristles along just this side of being annoying. Ice Cube (I feel ridiculous typing just Cube) is playing true to type….. obviously a good man despite the constant scowl on his face. I dont think I have ever seen him act without the scowl. Food for thought…. if you are so inclined.

This movie is laugh out loud funny in places. I didnt find it as amusing as many of my fellow cinema patrons did ….. they laughed and chuckled throughout the entire movie. Then again, I am hardly the target demographic either.

Ride Along 2 has already been announced so yes, it has been that successful worldwide already.

I did like this movie and it does have some great laughs but I am in no hurry to see it again. I think you will know from watching the trailer if this is one for you to see.

Love Flick xx


Director :   Tim Story

Starring :  Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, Tika Sumpter, John Leguizamo, Bruce McGill, Bryan Callen, Laurence Fishburne, Dragos Bucur

Running Time :  99 minutes

Release Date :  20 March, 2014


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