Movie Review : Spy


Susan Cooper (McCarthy) is a mild-mannered CIA agent who volunteers to go undercover to locate a mobile nuclear device. She is given the persona of a woman who is even sadder than the woman she really is but after a few twists and turns, our girl is on her way to being a true Spy heroine.

With a supporting cast consisting of Byrne, as the diabolically evil snob and mastermind Raina, Janney as a smart mouth, no-nonsense CIA Operations Manager (or something…..she’s the boss so whoever that is in CIA land) and the delightful Hart as Susan’s in-ear support and one girl cheer squad, this movie can only be an absolute blast!

McCarthy is back doing what she does best. She gets to be crass, sweary and full of attitude. She makes fun of herself, fun of everyone around her and has some of the best one liners since…..well since Bridesmaids. Her exchanges with the amazingly good Byrne are so funny you will have tears running down your face.

The men of this movie take a back seat to the girls and this makes them even funnier with the spy genre being so male oriented and the females usually only eye candy or ummmmm evil eye candy. You know exactly what I mean 😛


Law is perfectly cast as the dashingly debonair James Bond type, Serafinowicz is beyond funny as the Italian stallion but it is Jason Statham taking aim at his own movie tough guy persona that gets the most laughs. It is a very welcome departure for Statham and one I hope he pursues in future because his comedic timing is spot on.

Spy takes the entire spy genre and flips it on its side. It is funny, irreverent, witty, clever, smart, sassy and just really good fun. McCarthy is back in form after her recent missteps with Tammy and Identity Thief and this movie is currently sitting on Rotten Tomatoes at the much coveted 100%.

And yes it really is just that good so make sure you don’t miss this one because you will regret it later

4 1/2 stars

Love Flick xx

Director : Paul Feig

Starring : Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne, Jason Statham, Morena Baccarin, Jude Law, Allison Janney, Bobby Cannavale, Miranda Hart, 50 Cent, Peter Serafinowicz

Running Time :  120 minutes

Release Date :  21 May 2015

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