Movie Review : The Equalizer


Robert (Washington) is a mild and gentle man who works at a local Boston household hardware depot. He is a great guy and everyone loves him. He also has OCD and insomnia so each night at around 2am, he makes his way to a local diner where he reads and enjoys a cup of tea. At the diner he has befriended a young prostitute Teri (Moretz), who is involved with some really bad people, and after he sees her roughed up one night and later put in hospital after receiving a savage beating, his true nature is revealed.

Robert is about to single-handedly take on the Russian mob …..

After Robert takes out the entire Boston arm of the operation …. yep solo….. reinforcements are sent in from Russia. Enter the truly evil and soulless Teddy (Csokas) who would rather punch someone to death with his bare fist than kill him quickly with a single bullet. This is one bad dude.

Robert proceeds to pick off every Russian mobster in the city. One by one every shady business deal is halted, every mobster killed or at least horribly injured. Even the cops on the take, who aid and abet these despicable individuals are dealt harsh, career ending blows.

Now ……. I am female, I am over 30 and I have a pulse so you know I looooooves me some Denzel. But what happened?

The story itself is good and I did I like it. There was just enough story telling and just enough characters to keep it interesting for quite a while. But I found myself losing interest as Robert slaughtered all these people single-handedly. But then I told myself, you bought it in Taken so why not this movie? So I shook it off and got back into it all.


Alas, by then the extreme violence was starting to wear a little thin and there was little place else for this movie to go except slowly and brutally towards the inevitable showdown between good and evil. Once at this final showdown, the scenes dragged on for so long that I was hoping someone, anyone would make it all stop.

The Equaliser lacked any real originality. It had everything going for it but stopped just short of being really riveting. Slice 30 mins off and yep……that would have been an excellent movie as you can forgive many things with an engaging leading man the likes of Denzel and a tight, fast script. Sadly, this was not the case.

I liked this one but I didnt love it. And I SHOULD have loved it and that makes me sad. But for all your action junkies, this should hit your sweet spot.

Love Flick xx


Director :  Antoine Fuqua

Starring : Denzel Washington, Marton Csokas, Chloë Grace Moretz, David Harbour, Haley Bennett, Bill Pullman, Melissa Leo, David Meunier

Running Time :  131 minutes

Release Date :  26 September 2014

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