Movie Review : The Little Death


This quirky Aussie movie takes us into the very private lives of 4 very different couples. We go behind closed bedroom doors to see what really turns us on and what the consequences may be of fulfilling some of our deeper sexual desires.

Some are cute, some are kinky, some are a little darker. A nice range (sure, let’s call it that …) of fetish fantasies are covered in the movie’s 95 minutes.

It opens with Paul (Lawson) and Maeve (Novakovic), who are well into ‘what really turns us on’ territory. Utterly besotted with one another, they are indulging in Paul’s foot fetish and later in the evening, Maeve opens up about her own secret fantasy. She wants to be raped. Both find this a little more challenging than expected. The particular vignette is ironically one of the least disturbing fantasies dealt with.

Dan (Herriman) and Evie (Mulvaney) are seeking couples therapy and their shrink has suggested role-playing to spice up their dying marriage. Richard (Brammall) and Rowena (Box) are desperate for a baby and face new challenges when Rowena unwittingly discovers what really turns her on. It’s enough to make you cry 😉

Remember how I said the rape fantasy wasnt the most disturbing? Well the first genuinely disturbing fantasy is that of Phil (Dukes) for his wife Maureen (McCune). To my mind, it’s scripted kinda sweet and loving but it ripples with a dark, icky undercurrent. Yuck.

The most disturbing of all is the sex offender Steve (Gyngell) who is required by law to announce his presence in the neighbourhood. His manner of doing so is vile and sneaky. I loathed this character on sight.

I would never describe this movie as a comedy. It has it’s laughs, most of them a little self-conscious if I have to be honest but it is more than a little dark. I dont know, maybe I was reading to much into it all. It was a good movie but seemed a little disjointed, a tad contrived at times. I found a few of the characters irritating and didn’t care less about their little peccadilloes. And then ….


Sam and Monica. YAY!

Monica (James) is a visual relay operator for the deaf and Sam (Power) is a deaf guy looking to get his rocks off with some phone sex. Their call is funny, adorable, endearing and touching. All is forgiven as we watch Monica and Sam interact. I loved every single second and then it ended. Nooooooo I want to know more. I hope Sam calls back…..

Overall a movie worth seeing and yes, particularly because it’s an Aussie flick and we MUST support our local industry. I would like to see a sequel with a few more couples who are more into their fantasies and of course, I am dying to know what happened with Monica and Sam …

Love Flick xx

Director :  Josh Lawson

Starring : Josh Lawson, Bojana Novakovic, Damon Herriman, Ben Lawson, Lachy Hulme, Lisa McCune, Tasneem Roc, Patrick Brammall, Kate Box, T.J Power, Kate Mulvaney, Alan Dukes, Kim Gyngell

Running Time :  95 minutes

Release Date :  25 September 2014

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