Movie Review : The Other Woman


Carly (Diaz) has met the man of her dreams, Mark (Coster-Waldau). As she tells her assistant Lydia (Minaj), he is so perfect she has cleared the bench. But there is a problem. Mark is also the man of his wife Kate’s (Mann) dreams. Oh and there is also his young Mistress Amber (Upton).

Mark’s dance card is rather full and he is about to get busted. Big time.

And these ladies, rather than blame and shame each other, decide to get even.

And with hilarious results ……

Carly is dating Mark and after an argument, she goes to visit him at home and discovers he is married to Kate. Carly had no idea he was married and terminates the relationship immediately. She is now a completely likeable and relatable ‘ other woman’. Phew!

An awkward and seemingly unlikely friendship develops between Carly and Kate as Kate desperately tries to understand why her husband would be unfaithful. It is awkward because Carly is ice-cold to Kate’s almost girlishly eagerness to engage. Mark may have a physical type…. they are all blonde…. but he doesn’t have a personality type, that’s for sure.

When Kate and Carly discover his second mistress, Amber, things really heat up…..for Mark. Kate finds out he is stealing from his business partners and the 3 women set out to destroy him once and for all.


Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this movie is its absolute refusal to pit one woman against another. They are completely different to each other yet find a solidarity that while unusual, it not outside the realm of possibility. Kate is a chatty, quirky yet incredibly lonely housewife who sacrificed her career for her husband’s ….. Carly is an ice-cold lawyer who discards men when she tires of them…..Amber is, well Amber is the hot young wide-eyed doe who everybody adores. But you get the picture.

This is a fantastic movie to see with your girlfriends. Since the Bridesmaids juggernaut, we’ve seen some scripts for women loosen up and get a little bit down and dirty. It’s a welcome change even if the toilet humour (quite literal in one of the scenes) can be a tad ummmmm gross.

These women are smart about their revenge and it works. Throw in the hot brother Phil (Kinney who I ONLY just found out is Lady Ga Ga’s boyfriend..yeah mind blown even if I am 2 years late with my gossip LOL) and an endearing Lothario of a father (Johnson as Carly’s dad Frank) and you have a nice little chick flick.

There are lots of laughs and giggles and I reckon you should check this one out. What can I say, I like seeing women turn on the man and not on each other. Chicks rule!!

Love Flick xx


Director :   Nick Cassavetes

Starring :  Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Don Johnson, Taylor Kinney, Nicki Minaj

Running Time :  109 minutes

Release Date :  17 April 2014

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