Movie Review : These Final Hours


Okay so I’m going to cut right to the chase here…..this movie is AMAZING. Support your local industry and go and see it NOW!

The end of the world is nigh. Well it’s not nigh, it’s 12 hours away. Something ….. comet? meteor? asteroid? ….. has impacted Earth and a tsunami-like wall of fire is raging across the planet killing everything in its path. There is no escape, so right from the start you know these people are doomed. No snarky camp Bruce Willis and his raggedy band of heroes to save us…. no last-minute virus to take out them pesky Aliens. Nope.

This is it folks.

Death awaits every living thing on the planet and that knowledge permeates every second of this movie.

James (Phillips) is a young man torn between staying with his girlfriend  Zoe (De Gouw) on a quiet beach as the world ends or getting absolutely wasted at the party to (literally) end all parties. He’s selfish …. and so utterly aware of it …. and sets off for the party leaving Zoe to face the end alone. As he drives through an all but empty Perth, we are shown glimpses of scenes we would expect at a time like this. There has been looting, crime, murders (think The Purge) along with prayers groups and families huddling frightened in their own homes.

Unexpectedly and definitely most inconveniently, James rescues a young girl Rose (Rice) from an unmentionable fate. She has been separated from her father and asks to be taken to Aunty Janice’s house. The pair trek through Perth as at first he tries, basically, to hand her off to someone else so he can get on with his partying. But there is no one but him to protect her.

Throughout the movie, a quiet, resigned radio host informs those listening as to the fate of the rest of the world. Country by country, the fire-tsunami edges it’s way towards Australia. The voice is so matter of fact and devoid of emotion that it heightens the sense of foreboding and doom. So well executed.


The movie is filtered into a bright, almost blinding sunlight that is like an Aussie summer on steroids. It is also eerily devoid of a soundtrack. The doof doof of the party can be heard in the distance for a large portion of the movie but mostly it’s the silent stillness of an empty city. Then there is the rumble. Almost imperceptible at first but becoming louder as disaster closes in, the rumble of the tsunami made my sense of foreboding subtly shifted into a taut discomfort.

Throughout the movie, I was wondering what I would do. Would I run and to where? Would I have helped Rose? How would I REALLY feel knowing I would die in X amount of hours? The hot blinding sun, the silence, the stillness and then the rumble…. it was crazy and deeply affecting. Watching the (seemingly) epitome of selfish humanity paired with it’s polar opposite of absolute innocence. Again just so very well done.

What the film lacked in budget and a kinda sketchy script, it made up for in subtlety and nuances. Clever filtering and use of sound… or silence…. made it truly wonderful. Phillips had nowhere to hide in this movie. More often than not, his inner turmoil was played out on his face rather than in his words. A refreshing change from many of those wordy type young heroes who sprout lines that no young man would ever say in real life. More cleverness.

As I said right at the start, go and see this one. Support your local industry and keep our Aussie stories here in Australia 🙂

Love Flick xx

Director :    Zak Hilditch

Starring :  Nathan Phillips, Angourie Rice, Sarah Snook, Jessica De Gouw, Daniel Henshall, Lynette Curran, David Field, Kathryn Beck, Zaydah-lee

Running Time :  87 minutes

Release Date :  31 July 2014


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