Movie Review – Warcraft : The Beginning


Having not a single clue about Warcraft, other than it is a phenomenally popular online game, I walked into the movie theatre with no expectations whatsoever. All I knew was that the guy who plays Ragnar Lothbrok was in this movie and that the Director is David Bowie’s son.

In hindsight, perhaps I should have done just a smidgen of research, then I wouldn’t have been so over-whelmed by what I was viewing.

The movie itself centres around the invasion of a horde of orc warriors, fleeing their dying home, into the peaceful realm of Azeroth. The kingdoms of Azeroth must work together to ward off the great orc horde but the orcs have internal issues of their own.

The humans of Azeroth are not all that interesting to be perfectly honest. They sit around tables and fret about the emerging orc threat. The only human with any real fire was Khadgar (Schnetzer), a disgraced sorcerer who may just have the power to save the world.

The most disappointing of all was Anduin (Fimmel, who plays Ragnar on the TV series Vikings). The actor was physically well cast but his acting was one note. He was just Ragnar in a different realm. If you could pull all his scenes and drop him into Vikings, you would not even notice. Such a shame but luckily, despite the posters, he was not the real focus of the movie.


Now the orcs is where it gets all interesting. They have been at war for ages and some of them are tired of it all. They want peace for their clans and their children but the orc leader Gul’dan (Wu) wants to burn the world and he is all sorts of evil and nasty. He is a powerful sorcerer who can open portals to other worlds and he wants to burn them as well.

He has no problem making his clan chieftains fight one another and he will turn on them like that *snaps fingers*. When the orcs come through into this human world, some chieftains decide they want to make peace with the humans but this doesn’t go quite to plan.

Oh and there is a half-breed orc/human woman Garona (Patton) who I think they are trying to hold up as some feminist ideal because she tells Ragnar Anduin she can look after herself when he offers to protect her. But she runs around in a scorched earth rag bikini thing with a chain around her neck …… so yeah

This movie wasn’t really my cup of tea but my son loved it. And yep, he is a heavy-duty gamer so ….

If you are a fan, you will love this and you already know you will be seeing this. If you aren’t familiar with Warcraft or the genre, take a look at the trailer before heading out otherwise you might be as disappointed as I was.

2 stars

Love Sue-Ellen xx


Director : Duncan Jones

Starring : Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper, Toby Kebbell, Ben Schetzer, Robert Kazinsky, Clancy Brown, Daniel Wu, Ruth Negga, Anna Galvin

Running Time : 123 minutes

Release Date :  June 16

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