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Movie review : La La Land


La La Land is the biggest, brightest, singingest, dancingest musical the world has seen in a very long time. The story of aspiring actress Mia (Stone) who falls for jazz pianist Sebastian (Gosling) is the stuff of musical fan fantasies.

I am not a fan of musicals so all of you who are fans of the genre should stop reading now. I will wait.

Okay ….

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Movie Review : Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)


Okay…. I was not even going to see this movie because of all the hype and well to be perfectly honest, it looked pretentious. But I had promised myself to see ALL Oscar Best Pictures this year before the actual ceremony …. hey that’s no mean feat in Australia!! …..and with a free afternoon, I found myself with no more excuses to not go and watch.

And I am so glad I did…..

Filmed in what appears to be one long take, Riggan (Keaton) is an aging actor who once helmed a superhero franchise and is now desperate for acclaim as a serious Broadway actor. Sound familiar?

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Movie Review : Magic in the Moonlight



Stanley (Firth) is a renowned magician who, at the behest of his friend Howard (McBurney) travels to the South of France to debunk a young American spiritualist Sophie (Stone). A wealthy young man Brice (Linklater) is so besotted by Sophie that he is on the verge of proposing marriage and thus allowing her access to his family’s vast fortune.

And Allen-esque hilarity ensues!

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Movie Review : The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (3D)



Peter Parker/Spiderman (Garfield) has always been a bit angsty, especially this Spiderman incarnation. He struggles with being Spiderman and simply wanting to be normal, average Joe. His relationship with Gwen (Stone) is suffering as he battles to make his 2 worlds work together…..but his heart just doesn’t seem to be in it anymore.

But his city needs him. The crowds cheer for him, the cops thank him and little kids look up at him with such amazement and adoration, what’s a guy to do? Then there are the bad guys….. and this time there are two of them.

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Movie Review: The Croods 3D [PG] #TheCroods




Directors : Kirk De Micco, Chris Sanders

Starring : Nicolas Cage , Emma Stone, Catherine Keener, Ryan Reynolds, Cloris Leachman, Clark Duke, Chris Sanders, Randy Thom

Running Time : 98 minutes

Release Date :   28 March 2013

 ‘Meet the first modern family’

The newest Dreamworks juggernaut, The Croods is an animated feature about a prehistoric family and the world’s very first road trip. The family patriarch Grug (Cage) manages to instill in his family a fear of….. well everything. He ensures they fear change, the dark, ideas, fun and most of all life outside the cave walls. Indulged by his long-suffering wife Ugga (Keener) and thick as two planks son Thunk (Duke), he meets resistance from his spirited teenage daughter Eep (Stone) who just wants to knows what’s ‘out there’ .



One night, Eep wakes up to see a strange light and slips out of the cage. She meets a young handsome stranger Guy (Reynolds) and his trusty sloth, Belt (Sanders). Guy warns Eep of impending doom in the form of earthquakes and erupting volcanoes. Eep in turns tells Grug who refuses to listen until the inevitable happens and the family are forced to flee their ancestral home errr cave.




The destructive earthquakes expose the family to a brand new world. Grug has the hardest time adapting to this new reality, especially the influence of the young Guy who wins the trust and hearts of the family, one by one.




As the family make their way across the new landscape, they encounter many new creatures, some familiar to us and some just made up in the minds of a cartoon artist. These creatures are sometimes dangerous, sometimes funny but always entertaining.

This is a movie about love and family. It’s about tradition and adapting to change. It’s about growing up and letting go.

Like all great kid’s animation features of the last 15 years or so, it has a few jokes that sail right over the heads of the kiddies and make the adults chuckle in delight. The ongoing husband vs mother in law gag is one of the movie’s highlights. Just a look into the camera by a scheming Grug is enough to pitch every adult in the cinema into fits of laughter. The cackling and caustically sarcastic comments of the mother in law as Grug’s plans are foiled yet again sends them into hysterics.




The Croods has something for everyone, young and old. The kiddies today seemed to respond mostly to the sloth ….. da da daaaaaaaaaaaahhhh ….. the almost feral baby and the smaller birdlike creatures that played pranks on the travelling family. It is a mixture of fantasy and history, or pre history as it were. That the world changed and cavemen had to adapt to survive is an accepted scientific fact. To see it on the screen in such an endearing and engaging manner makes this movie entertaining and just a little educational. It could certainly open some discussion about prehistoric times that does NOT include dinosaurs.




I saw this movie in 3D but it could certainly be just an enjoyable in 2D. It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon and I urge you to grab the kiddies, big and little, and go see The Croods. It has some history, some whimsy, some romance, some laughs and some drama. Something for everyone. So if the kids get hyped up on chocolate bunnies over easter, rope them in and drive to the movies for some giggles and downtime.

Da da dahhhhhhhhhhhhhh (see the movie and you’ll understand….. )


Love Flick xx



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