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Movie review : La La Land


La La Land is the biggest, brightest, singingest, dancingest musical the world has seen in a very long time. The story of aspiring actress Mia (Stone) who falls for jazz pianist Sebastian (Gosling) is the stuff of musical fan fantasies.

I am not a fan of musicals so all of you who are fans of the genre should stop reading now. I will wait.

Okay ….

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Movie Review : Terminator Genisys


As a fan of the original Terminator movie and it’s sequel (I admit, my interest waned after just the two) and with some dodgy reviews surfacing, I approached this movie rather cautiously. But I was really keen to see Khaleesi Emilia Clarke and the two Aussie leads, Clarke and Courtney in action so I cleared my mind and settled in for the ride.

The story remains pretty much the same. The future is run by machines and John Connor (Clarke) sends his best mate/father Kyle Reese (Courtney) back to 1984 to save his mother Sarah. There are some very familiar aspects but as with all generational sequels, a lot has changed. I was never so into the Terminator series that I feel cheated, although judging by some reactions around me, it seems at just 20 minutes in, many already feel betrayed.

I wasn’t one of those people because the moment I saw Sarah Connor (Clarke) was even more of a bad ass than I recalled, I was hooked.

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Movie Review : Whiplash


Andrew (Teller) is a talented drummer enrolled at the country’s best music conservatory. He is hand-picked by a notorious teacher Fletcher (Simmons) to join his ‘cut above the rest ‘ band. This is the band that plays in competitions to get noticed by industry professionals and ultimately, have the musicians signed.

Being selected by Fletcher is a blessing and a curse. He does and will push to get the best out his students but at what price?

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