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Movie Review : Jackie


On November 22, 1963, a young woman named Jackie (Portman) finds herself cradling the head of her dying husband Jack (Phillipson). Of course, as we all know, this is no ordinary man and he has just been shot by a sniper during a motorcade through the streets of Dallas, Texas.

The following hours and days have been well documented for historical purposes but what of the other story? The story of the young, grieving widow who, under the glare of the international media, must somehow move herself, her young family and her country through this tragic event.

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Movie Review : Snowpiercer


It’s 2031 and 17 years ago, the world managed to send itself into a devastating Ice Age by releasing a chemical that was supposed to combat global warming. All life on Earth was rendered extinct, apart from the inhabitants of a train the traverses the planet endlessly. The train, as in life, is divided into classes with each carriage alloted a particular function. The upper and lower class never mix.

At the tail of the train, the lower class are subjected to life of squalor, surviving on a diet of protein bars (the contents of which, when revealed, will make you gag) and enduring punishments that include the freezing of offending body parts (think losing an arm if you steal).

Naturally, those at the rear of the train want nothing more than to rise up against their captors, make their way to the engine and take over.

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Movie Review : Hercules


Do I really have to tell you who Hercules was? Okay for the 3 people who don’t know ……

Hercules was the son of the God Zeus and a mortal woman. He was really, really big and strong. He inspired great devotion and loyalty and his legend lives on today. The word Hercules or Herculean means great strength or fortitude. Okay so …..

Hercules has been made and re-made for the big screen and television so many times that it seems almost superfluous to do it again. But here it is. And this time it’s The Rock……sorry Dwayne Johnson as Hercules.

I booked in to see this movie only because it fitted in nicely before another movie. I don’t particularly like Dwayne Johnson as an actor so was expecting very little.

I was wrong….

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