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Movie Review : Jackie


On November 22, 1963, a young woman named Jackie (Portman) finds herself cradling the head of her dying husband Jack (Phillipson). Of course, as we all know, this is no ordinary man and he has just been shot by a sniper during a motorcade through the streets of Dallas, Texas.

The following hours and days have been well documented for historical purposes but what of the other story? The story of the young, grieving widow who, under the glare of the international media, must somehow move herself, her young family and her country through this tragic event.

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Movie Review : Blue Jasmine



Blanche DuBois lives!

The obscenely wealthy via marriage Jasmine (Blanchett) arrives at her sister Ginger’s (Hawkins) small San Francisco apartment to overcome the ordeal of having her life shattered. Her husband Hal (Baldwin) was a shady businessman and has been jailed for his crimes. Jasmine’s entire life has been seized…….all her cash, jewels, homes, everything……. has all gone to Uncle Sam. She is penniless and is recovering from a nervous breakdown.

For her part, Ginger is juggling a full time job, her 2 young sons (Rutherford and Jenks), an ex husband Augie (Clay) and new boyfriend Chili (Cannavale). While everyone warns her against trusting Jasmine, she refuses to hear ill of her adored sister and does her best to support the fragile woman.

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