The Perfect Handbag ….



As a self-professed handbag whore, these words are my Holy Grail. So here goes …..

My quest to find the perfect hand bag is over.

At last.

I have found The One


79.95 Bettie Page handbag from Catfight Collections

79.95 Bettie Page handbag from Catfight Collections

And just look at the lining….. Bettie Page RAWR!

bag open 1

I purchased this piece of divine perfection from Catfight Collections. You can visit their Facebook page here. The shop is just gorgeous *sighs*

And this bag was only $79.95 *swooning sighs*

Please note that the dodgy photography is due to my lack of skill ha ha ha….. but who needs clever camera work when you have found The Perfect Handbag.

So does that mean no more handbag shopping for Flick? I would like to say yep, I have found perfection and will stop now.

Pfft!  Like that will happen.

Let’s just say my money and I are ‘taking a break’ from handbag shopping for a while.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t look 😉

Flick xx

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  1. LOL Love the Perfect HB 😀 <3


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